Blossom Stone Bezel Drop Earrings

Blossom Stone Bezel Drop Earrings


Designed in NYC

Our own symbol of new beginnings, of accomplishments wide and far. A permanent floral-inspired memory cast in gleaming sterling silver.

Elegance of the blossom with stone meets a double round beauty stone bezel, for day or night.  Blossom stone bezel drop earrings: 

  • Sterling silver

  • High-polish finish

  • Light-weight

  • 10 mm round stud in high-polish sterling silver at top

  • 20 mm full 3D blossom with 7mm gemstones (12 stones altogether)

  • Bottom 6 mm round gemstone encased in silver bezel

  • Approx. 2.25 inches overall length

  • Chain allows blossoms and bottom stone bezels to move with you

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