Double Square Stone Lariat

Double Square Stone Lariat


Guaranteed “Handcrafted in NY”

Simple yet sleek, square’s striking design makes a bold statement and summons our core yearning to surround ourselves with beauty.

A high impact lariat that can be worn as a single strand, or wraparound.  A lot of bling for your neck! Double square stone lariat:

  • Sterling silver
  • High-polish finish
  • Medium-weight
  • 46 inch lariat with 7 alternating 12 mm open squares and 7 alternating 20 mm full 3D squares with 8 mm gemstone
  • Sterling silver chain necklace. Chain is 1.5 mm diameter

Every piece of Beautiful Life Infinity jewelry is made to order, handcrafted exclusively for you by our artisans in New York.

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